Kane GPS to offer TMC Upgrade to Users?
Date: Thursday, July 15 @ 09:10:59 UTC

Registered owners of Kane's re-badged Destinator GPS Package are in for a little treat, they will soon be receiving an email offering them two upgrade paths for their curent Destinator V2 product.

Users can choose either an upgrade to Destinator V3.01 or a new product that includes street level mapping for the whole of Europe and , wait for it.........a TMC Traffic Add-On Module!

Although Kane are being cagey about whose product this is we have been told it may be a customised version of Navigon Pro that will require no annual subscription or GPRS Cellphone so it's fair to assume it will use a combined GPS/TMC receiver. There will be a 100 additional charge for users choosing the TMC add-on (presumably to cover the cost of the receiver). Users should receive their email by the end of this week and upgrades will be shipping within two weeks of the official announcment.

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