Boston Bus Crash - Victims Sue Satnav Companies
Date: Thursday, February 12 @ 05:51:33 UTC
Ah, the United States of America, land of the free and the litigious.

Now victims of a 2013 bus crash in Boston, Massachusetts are suing TomTom and Garmin for $15 million in damages. Thirty-five people were injured when the bus hit an overpass in the city.

The bus driver was using both a Garmin and a TomTom satnav, neither of which were intended for use by commercial vehicles, but the lawsuit claims that the GPS units were at fault for not providing road height restrictions.

So do these people really think it's TomTom and Garmin who are to blame and not the bus company and the driver? Or do they, as is more likely, think these companies might have more cash?

I might have commented that this sort of compensation culture claim could only happen in America but we seem to be moving towards the same habit of suing whenever we thing there is some money to be had.


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