Jaguar Working on In-Car Projectors and Ghost 'Follow Me' Cars
Date: Thursday, December 18 @ 07:54:45 UTC
Jaguar has released a video showing ideas it has for future in-car tech including screens built-into the car pillars transparent to reduce blind spots and a full windscreen heads-up display that shows hazards, a 'Follow Me' ghost car for navigating and also points of interest.

The system uses a network of cameras to provide 360 coverage with the images displayed on the A and B pillars to remove potential blind spots. The system also detects potential hazards such as pedestrians stepping off the kerb and flags them on the windscreen as an alert.

A '360 Virtual Urban Windscreen' allows the display of other data such as the 'Follow Me' feature. This provides a virtual ghost car, much as we saw some years back in Route 66's satnavs, allowing the driver to focus on the road ahead.

Some of the tech being suggested here does not yet exist, but all of it is possible, at a cost.


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