OriginGPS Nano Spider - The World's Smallest GPS Receiver
Date: Thursday, November 27 @ 06:29:45 UTC

Meet the Nano Spider from OriginGPS, a fully integrated GPS receiver that measures a staggeringly small 4x4.2.1mm!

Designed for applications where space is at a premium, wearables, smart watches etc, the Nano Spider hasn't sacrificed performance, boasting a Time To First Fix (TTFF) of >1 sec, accuracy of 1 meter and power consumption measured in microwatts.

Nano Spider is 47% smaller than the Micro Spider that it replaces. It shares the same CSR SiRFstarIV system on a chip as the Micro Spider and incorporates an ARM7 processor. It also sports a Low Noise Amplifier (LNPA) and a Surface Acoustic Wave filter (SAW).

Source: OriginGPS.com

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