TomTom throws its hat into the Intel Wearables ring
Date: Thursday, November 20 @ 04:49:37 UTC
With wearables forecast as the next big thing, TomTom has announced it is supporting Intel's wearable technology and will provide Location Based Services (LBS) for MICA, its 'My Intelligent Communication Accessory' bracelet.

TomTom will provide LBS data to MICA users with ETAs and 'Time to Go' reminders based on appointments in your calendar. Unlike Pebble, Android Wear and Samsung Gear, MICA is not a smartwatch, it's a standalone device that has its own SIM. Intel has mentioned partnerships with Yelp for local data and Garmin, the latter raising an eyebrow given TomTom 's involvement.

Following its unveiling, MICA has met with a somewhat lukewarm reception from the tech press. Variously described as 'bizarre', 'style over substance' and 'Yikes!' MICA seems firmly targeted at women and is designed to be worn with the display on the inside of the wrist.

Fashionistas can buy MICA in the U.S. in early December for $500.


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