Add GPS to an eReader for an inexpensive e-ink GPS
Date: Friday, May 30 @ 07:27:35 UTC
I love projects like this. One enterprising chap has worked out how to fit a serial GPS to a Kobo eReader to make a light, portable, sunlight readable GPS, perfect for his other hobby, gliding.

The Kobo seems to be an ideal platform, it's cheap, runs Android, has an e-ink display and a resistive touchscreen.

He has detailed the work required which is fairly straightforward if you're confident with some basic soldering. There is even a 3D printable spacer/GPS housing that gives the end result a very professional look and feel.

Although the guide covers the software installation for glider specific soaring software I can see this could have uses in other fields such as marine navigation? e-ink screens can't refresh as fast as an LCD so there are some applications where they may not be suitable.

Have a read of the full project via the source link below.


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