Google unveils driverless car prototype
Date: Thursday, May 29 @ 05:45:45 UTC
Google have taken the wraps of their prototype for a driverless car. The image above shows the basic prototype vehicle alongside an artist impression of how they see them in future.

The city car design that they have come up with has no steering wheel, accelerator or break. For the passengers there are two seatbelt equipped seats, a small storage area for bags, a display showing the route and a start/stop button. On the outside there is an array of sensors including a roof mounted radar.

For the Californian pilot, Google plan a fleet of one hundred of these electric powered vehicles, limited to 25mph. It's a fascinating program and illustrates the huge steps being made in the technology necessary to deploy driverless vehicles.

The biggest hurdles are anticipating other drivers, and the legal and insurance implications of driverless vehicles.

Source: Google Blogspot

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