10 Years of TomTom's GO SatNavs
Date: Thursday, May 08 @ 09:10:47 UTC

Ten years ago at CeBIT TomTom took the World by storm breaking the mould of GPS Navigation when they announced the TomTom GO. The TomTom GO Classic as it is now known was not the first dedicated GPS system, both Garmin and Navman had devices out there, but the TomTom GO was the breakthrough that took GPS from the realms of geeks into the mass market.

We knew something special was going to happen the day before CeBIT as we walked around the exhibition floor and met Mark Gretton, TomTom's technical guru, by a covered TomTom stand. We were expecting some new software for our PDAs, but no way were we ready for the GO. Mark swore us to secrecy and gave us a preview of the GO with the promise of a full hands on session the next day.

The TomTom GO was the first touch screen Personal Navigation Device (or PND as they became known) it had a completely different styling, and mounting arrangement, and best of all it was 'only' 499, about half the price of the competition. This would equate to about 670 in todays money. Compare that to the latest entry level GO models announced this week priced at 150 with far better specifications.

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