TomTom Announce New GO SatNav Range
Date: Thursday, May 08 @ 07:26:48 UTC
TomTom announce a new entry range of GO x0 SatNavs with lifetime traffic updates and lifetime maps. In an interesting move TomTom have created a new entry level SatNav system which provides lifetime updates for free.

The TomTom Traffic requires the use of a smartphone with a data connection and plan for the updates, so the communication hardware is not built into the SatNav. At first glance this may seem a little shortsighted as the standard TomTom live services are 47.50 for a 12 month subscription, a revenue stream that TomTom have cut themselves off from with the new range. However on the plus side TomTom will be growing the user base of data collection improving the quality of the Live Traffic which they can then sell on to other customers.

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