Bomb Squad Called to Deactivate Geocache in Chicago
Date: Wednesday, April 09 @ 07:48:56 UTC
A part of Chicago was closed off yesterday while the bomb squad investigated a suspicious finding. A green PVC pipe was found in a wooded area behind an old village hall and, as a precaution, the police were called. The suspect pipe turned out to be a geocache; part of the global Geocaching game where people hide items around the world in a GPS-powered treasure hunt.

It is worth remembering that not everyone knows about Geocaching, and that their guidelines state that when placing a geocache you "clearly identify your cache as a geocache" and "Do not design your cache such that it might be confused with something more dangerous" - like a pipe bomb... Geocaching is a fun pastime but if thought isn't put into the design and placing of a cache then it can cause a lot of disruption for nothing.

Source: Chicago Daily Herald

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