Garmin Xperia Edition
Date: Thursday, February 27 @ 09:18:18 UTC
Garmin have announced a new navigation app for Sony's Xperia smartphone range which includes an extension for Sony's SmartWatch 2.

Using a version of the Navigon software UI, Garmin Xperia Edition provides all the features we've come to expect from a navigation app including onboard map data, lane guidance and lifetime traffic but it's the integration with the SmartWatch that makes this the first of its kind.

The app extension will be available via Google Play and enables the watch to display navigation data via Bluetooth from the smartphone. A detailed map can be viewed on the phone's display along with route information. The simplified interface allows you to zoom in and out as required by tapping on the Smartwatch display.

Garmin Xperia Edition and the SmartWatch 2 extension will be available in March.


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