Worried about privacy? Meet Blackphone
Date: Thursday, February 27 @ 09:02:37 UTC

With ever increasing concerns about privacy and security in our electronic lives, a new phone has been launched that promises to return control to you.

Blackphone is being sold as a unique platform that provides a smartphone with all the normal features, but built on an operating system that has been designed with security and privacy at its core.

Based on Android, Blackphone's PrivatOS provides a suite of applications that allow you to make secure voice calls, browse the web without being tracked or leaving a trail, anonymous search, VPN, secure cloud storage, secure wireless and much more.

All the bundled apps are privacy enabled, all communications are secure and a powerful remote wipe and anti-theft service enables full control in the event of loss of the hardware.

The hardware includes a >2 GHz quad-core SoC, 4.7" HD display, LTE, 802.11n WiFi, GPS and 8MP camera.

If you're concerned with privacy, or operate in a business where your data security is paramount then this may be one solution worth considering.

Source: www.blackphone.ch

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