GPS Inventor backs UK efforts to reduce risk of jamming
Date: Thursday, February 20 @ 07:04:57 UTC
Professor Brad Parkinson, the chief architect of GPS, has told a UK conference that satellite based navigation and timing systems need to be more robust.

The loss of spectrum, space weather events and the deliberate use of GPS jammers have all given rise to increased concerns about the availability of GPS services.

Speaking at the GNSS Vulnerabilities and Resilient PNT Conference 2014, Professor Parkinson proposed a three stage program that he has named 'PTA' which will Protect the signal and eliminate jamming, Toughen receivers resistance to interference and Augment the GPS signals with data from other satellites and ground based transmitters.

Tougher penalties need to be implemented for anyone caught using a GPS jammer. A recent case in point was where GPS technology being used toy aid landing at an airport in the US. Frequent jamming events were being observed and a three month investigation tracks the source down to a trucker who was using a jammer to stop his bossed monitoring him.

GPS jammers, whose use is unlawful, are readily available. The GPS signal is weak and all too easily disrupted and, with our ever increasing reliance on them for navigation and timing signals (used in banking) it's an issue that needs to be addressed, and done so quickly.

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