Bath Council bans satnav in taxis
Date: Thursday, November 14 @ 06:35:02 UTC
Bath Council has banned the use of satnav by licensed taxi drivers whilst on hire or available for hire.

The ban is part of a raft of new conditions with the council suggesting it is not unreasonable to expect the drivers to know the area for which they are licensed.

It seems an odd move. a satnav can provide useful backup to local knowledge although the ban does not affect any journey that starts or ends outside of the licensed area.

Quite how this affects taxi dispatch systems that use GPS enables smartphones remains to be seen. Cordic is one very popular system that allows dispatchers to task drivers to jobs and provide real-time updates to customers on the location of their taxi.

Perhaps the council will now be calling for a ban on their use in emergency vehicles, after all, they should also be expected to have a sound knowledge of their areas too?

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