No support via email
Date: Tuesday, March 30 @ 08:58:13 UTC

From 30th March 2004 I have had to make an extremely difficult decision, and that's to stop supplying GPS support via email. Receiving thousands of emails a day makes it not only impossible to reply to every email, but it also take what free time I have available to the rest of in terms of writing reviews, articles and answering questions in the forums. Most regulars are happy to post technical questions in the forum, but most new visitors to the site prefer to send private emails rather than post publically. Fortunately we do have forums available for people to ask questions and receive very quick responses, but from this date onwards all technical quesions that don't require a one line response will receive an automated response back asking you to post in the forum.

I don't like to do this, but if I didn't put a block on email support then I would have no time to run this wonderful and spectacular site! I hope people understand that this is a good thing to re-focus my time, energy and effort to help move forward!

Thank you for understanding, and if you have sent me an email over the past few weeks that is a technical based email, I would ask that you post it in the forum.

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