PocketGPSWorld.com meet up this Sunday 28Mar04
Date: Saturday, March 27 @ 09:28:42 UTC

I think most people have seen the PocketGPSWorld.com meet-up thread, but if you haven't and you're around the Hampshire area (M3 Corridor) on Sunday, then you might want to join us on this meetup. The location is a pub called the Poachers Arms, Alton Road (B3349), South Warnborough, Hampshire and Darren has prepared some directions and a TomTom POI file here.

We plan to get there for 12:30 on Sunday 28th March (remember it's spring forward! - You lose an hours sleep!), all wishing to join us for a drink are welcome, and we'll bring along a lot of GPS gear for you to look at, and you can ask us GPS related questions. It's free to attend but you have to buy your own drinks and food!

We will also have a few people turning up from GPS companies. ALK are interested in attending, so are Memory-Map and maybe a few others once we receive confirmation. If you're a GPS company and would like to turn up for a drink, send me an email. Hopefully we'll see you all there!

PS. Dave will now definately be attending!

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