TomTom Navigator 3.01 Update Posted
Date: Friday, March 26 @ 18:17:05 UTC

TomTom have posted the first update for Navigator 3. Amongst the issues this update fixes are:
  • This update offers improved itinerary navigation. When approaching a stopover, TomTom Navigator will sound an audible notification. This can be switched off in advanced settings.
  • This update contains several improvements in the route planning algorithm.
  • On some devices turning off and on the device could lead the application to freeze. This update will provide more robust operation.
  • In some circumstances reading TomTom Navigator 2 settings could result in a crash. This issue is resolved with this update.
  • The map with Major Roads of Europe could not be opened with TomTom Navigator Scandinavia and TomTom Navigator Iberia. This update solves this issue.

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