Thuraya launch sat phone sleeve, circle is complete
Date: Thursday, March 28 @ 10:07:39 UTC
Back in 2001 a group of GPS enthusiasts formed a Yahoo Group. They'd all bought an amazing new device, a satnav sleeve, that turned their PDAs into full colour, moving map, navigation devices.

Fast forward 11 years and what's the latest product to hit my inbox? A sleeve for an iPhone that turns it into a fully fledged satellite phone!

Now I know that the link between the products we cover here and a satellite phone is tenuous at best but the similarities between Thuraya's [b]Sat[/b]Sleeve and Navman's GPS Sleeve couldn't go by without comment. It does use GPS to help it locate the communications satellites that Thuraya use and, like GPS, satellite phones need a line of sight to the sky, they don't work indoors.

Satellite phones are not for everyone of course, but if you need to be able to communicate in places where terrestrial networks don't exist, and can afford the costs, the sleeve will cost $499 and call costs are 1/min, then this is one option.


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