HP Release iPAQ 22xx Series ROM Update
Date: Sunday, March 21 @ 15:41:30 UTC

HP have released a SoftPaq ROM Update for the h22xx series iPAQ's. This update replaces the existing ROM image with an updated version containing all previous updates and roll-ups summarised below. As always, the update will erase all user data and programs on your PocketPC so ensure you read and understand the Readme file before you begin!

  • Corrects the Sleep Mode SD power drain.
  • Updates the Bluetooth driver to resolve Bluetooth lockup issue.
  • Corrects iPAQ Backup shutdown after 10 seconds when a backup is scheduled.
  • All fixes contained in Microsoft Adaptation Kit IIa.

  • Adds Microsoft Adaptation Kit IIa.
  • Adds Self-test.
  • Adds support for the Extended Battery.
  • Adds support for "Wake on Ring" (NOTE: this requires 3rd party software to function)

    Download it here.

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