Wearable Tech - GPS Gloves
Date: Wednesday, March 20 @ 11:02:28 UTC

Wearable technology is clothing or other accessories that integrate tech with fashion. It's still predominantly the domain of the hackspace workshop but this means we get to see some innovative uses.

Adafruit, a US online retailer of unique electronics and products, make the 'Flora', a wearable electronic platform, loosely based on the popular Arduino, that can be programmed to communicate with a plethora of other sensors and modules. Using special conductive thread, the components can be connected together with imagination being the only limitation.

Andrew Smith has incorporated a Flora board, a GPS receiver and some RGB LEDs into a ski glove and the end result looks great. Although primarily just done for fun, Andrew has plans to add data logging and other functionality and it doesn't take much of a leap to imagine a glove that can track your routes, guide you along the best runs or provide some safety role.

Currently the glove has the coordinates of ski lifts at the Whistler Ski Resort and using a coded blink sequence the glove can communicate altitude, speed, location as well as a number of other data points.

What other GPS uses could you envisage with wearable tech?

Source: AndreSmith.me/gps-glove-with-rgb-leds

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