Open Sight design uses laser navigation to aid cyclists
Date: Thursday, February 21 @ 14:01:10 UTC
A novel solution aims to solve the safety issues with traditional devices such as smartphones, cycle computers and navigation devices which dictate the rider takes his or her eyes off the road ahead in order to read the display.

Open Sight looks like a high-end cycle computer but uses laser technology to paint route guidance information, and other data such as speed, on the road ahead. Power is provided by the rider via a generator.

This isn't the first time we've seen lasers deployed in this way, another solution was proposed for use in cars, but this is the first cycle mounted and rider powered device we've seen.

It's an interesting solution but it exists as a concept design idea only and it's not readily apparent how this solves the safety issue, the information would need to be painted quite some distance ahead of the rider for it allow them to take in the surroundings as well. I suspect that any laser powerful enough to work in daylight would also require considerable amounts of power?


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