TomTom launches app for Taxi service
Date: Thursday, February 07 @ 09:10:55 UTC
TomTom has been trialling a taxi service in the Dutch capital for some time now. Passengers who wished to use the service needed to hail taxis using a terminal found at only a few central locations, not very convenient if you weren't near one.

But now there is an app for that too. TomTom Taxi Booking means you can now book a cab from wherever you are, so long as it's in Amsterdam where the taxi trial is running. The app even allows you to choose your driver and have favourites, and shows both you and your driver the route options to avoid being taken the long way round.

The app is iOS only at present but an Android version is under development. No news on whether TomTom are planning to roll this out to other Cities or countries.

Source: TomTom

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