Apple fires maps manager and asks TomTom for help
Date: Wednesday, November 28 @ 09:41:52 UTC
Apple have taken further action in the wake of its iOS6 Maps debacle with the firing of a senior manager of the mapping team.

It is reported that Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, recently appointed to oversee Apple's map division, has given Richard Wiliiamson his cards. Eddy is now seeking advice and assistance from TomTom to expedite a fix for the data issues in its mapping app.

With the release of version 6 of iOS in September, Apple began offering its own mapping solution which uses vector maps and includes turn-by-turn navigation. Search giant Google reserved vector maps and turn-by-turn navigation for use on Android which, it is rumoured, was why Apple decided to bring the maps service in-house.

TomTom were chosen as the map data provider but the launch was marred by numerous glaring place name errors, missing points of interest and poor satellite map imagery. Quite how these issues came to exist hasn't been disclosed, certainly the place names are correct in TomTom map data, but it's reassuring to see that Apple consider resolving this as a high priority.

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