Insurers start penalising drivers for speed awareness course
Date: Sunday, November 18 @ 11:30:31 UTC
It has been discovered that some insurers are penalising drivers who choose a speed awareness course.

The course, offered by Police where the excess speed falls within a set range of speed and the driver has not completed a previous course within the last 3 years.

Police tell drivers that opting for the course instead of a fine and licence endorsement will avoid any hike in insurance premiums. This message is echoed on many police websites and drivers have also been told this at the courses.

However it appears that a number of insurers have decided that these drivers offer an identical risk to those who were fined and so, as a result, are loading premiums to match. Premiums for drivers with a speeding conviction can rise as much as 300.

Police are concerned at this move, fearing that the lack of an incentive will reduce the numbers who attend and benefit from the courses. And it's not just the police that will be worried. With 772,000 motorists attending a course in 2011 alone, the companies that operate them won't want to loose that business.

Source: BBC News

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