Satnav trousers - Is it April 1st already?
Date: Thursday, November 15 @ 09:40:01 UTC
Tech website The Register is reporting on a new Galileo project that is sure to be on the 'want' list of every self respecting satnav geek this Christmas - Satnav trousers.

Although it sounds like a prop straight out of James Bond, it's real, and comes out of the ARMOURS project (that's Antenna and fRont-end Modules for pUblic Regulated Service applications). Their mission; to develop new and novel technologies for the PRS (Public Regulated Service).

The GALILEO satnav network's PRS service will provide a dedicated service to government-authorised users. PRS is encrypted and features anti-jamming features.

The ARMOURS project is reported to be developing a solution that allows GPS antennas to be embedded into uniform clothing, thus allowing individual personnel to be tracked with the increased accuracy that Galileo will offer on the PRS service. The picture above is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. The actual antennas, developed at Edinburgh University, and spun off into a company called Sofant, are tiny. You could fit dozens onto a 20p piece.

Source: The Register

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