Waze to begin serving location based ads
Date: Thursday, November 08 @ 10:08:45 UTC

Waze, the social navigation and driving app, is launching location based advertising.

As the adage goes "if the app is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” And so it was inevitable that, with a claimed base of 30 million users, it was only a matter of time before the company mobilised to monetize the service.

Businesses can advertise with Waze and pay to have their business shown to passing drivers with a branded pin displayed on the map.

Location based advertising has been something of a holy grail for a long time now. It was seen as the next big money spinner for navigation companies but, to date, no-one has managed to implement ads successfully.

It remains to be seen if Waze will be the first to make location based advertising pay. They'll need to strike a balance so that the ads are seen as a positive benefit for its customers instead of a turn off. Meanwhile advertisers will want to see proof that this kind of advertising medium is effective.

What are your thoughts. Could this be a useful addition to navigation or will it be intrusive and unwelcome?

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