Could a 7-inch tablet be the perfect satnav?
Date: Thursday, November 01 @ 09:56:24 UTC
7-inch tablets, a device format that many pundits claimed had 'no market' are selling like hot cakes. Google's Asus manufactured Nexus 7 tablet is selling at a rate of over a million per month and Apple's entrant in this sector, the iPad mini goes on sale tomorrow.

I've long since desired a device that was larger than a smartphone but smaller than an iPad. My thinking being that they're great media consumption devices, small enough to hold and read a book, browse the web, check your email etc and big enough to make the ideal in-car satnav.

So I've invested in a Google Nexus 7. The latest variant went on sale Monday with the 32GB Wi-Fi only version a bargain 199.00. There is a cellular radio equipped option coming later this month but the most important distinction here is that all the Nexus 7's are equipped with GPS. On the iPad that's reserved for the Wi-Fi plus Cellular models only.

Source: Google Play - Nexus 7

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