iOS6 Maps - Apple takes a battering as complaints soar
Date: Thursday, September 27 @ 10:22:52 UTC
Whilst Apple continue to face a barrage of criticism over their iOS6 mapping app, what isn't clear is how some of the issues came to exist in the first place.

The many errors in place and street names are particularly odd given they are correct in the original TomTom and Waze data. One hypothesis is that Apple have merged the data and in doing so these errors have crept in.

Also the lack of decent satellite imagery in places has irked users, many rely on them to locate recreation grounds and other places that traditional address lookup wouldn't find accurately.

Another area that simply isn't working is address search and POIs. Addresses can't be found, POIs are missing or show locations that have long since gone.

Where it works it works well with the new navigation element attracting particular praise. But as the map data is riddle with errors you'd be mad to rely on it. In Apple's defence, Google refused to permit Apple to uses the guided navigation feature available on Android and this is cited as the main reason they chose to develop their own solution.

The place name errors ought to be fairly easy to resolve and to fix quickly. The data is off-board so once they can identify how the errors were created they can resolve them without an update to the app itself. Similarly, satellite imagery is widely available and Apple have the cash to buy them.

But the POIs are not so easy to fix quickly and the search facility will need major work. As the title of this item suggest, it can only get better - we hope.

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