Chevrolet BringGo App will deliver navigation functions
Date: Monday, September 10 @ 17:57:08 UTC
Buyers of the 2013 model Chevrolet Spark equipped with the MyLink Radio will soon be able to add sat-nav to its seven-inch in-dash display.

Available in Q4, the BringGo app will deliver navigation functionality via a compatible Android, Blackberry or iOS device and the BringGo app. Owners simply have to buy and download the BringGo app ($50) and then connect their phone via USB or Bluetooth to the MyLink radio.

As well as beaming sat-nav to the in-dash touchscreen, MyLink also supports Audio, Pictures, Movies and Telephone features, all controlled and accessed from the in-dash screen.

MyLink comes pre-loaded with Pandora Internet Radio and Stitcher Smart Radio services which can be accessed using the data connection on a connected smartphone.


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