RoyalTek RBT-3100
Date: Friday, March 12 @ 15:59:41 UTC

RoyalTek have quietly announced the release of the new RBT-3100. Unlike the RBT-3000 it there is no mention of datalogging features but does boast a compact design wth a replaceable battery.

RBT-3100, a multi-wireless GPS consumer product, is the smallest and most cost-effective Bluetooth GPS receiver in the world. It has a built-in replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, just like your cell phone. With the dimension of 70 x 41 x 23mm and weighs only 60g, making it an ideal solution to carry everywhere.

The RBT-3100 is both precise and durable. Its 12-channel receiver allows for continuous tracking of all visible satellites. By wearing this Bluetooth GPS around your neck and having your bluetooth integrated with any kind of mobile device, such as PDA, it will provide your exact location almost anywhere

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