TomTom launch new Hands Free car kit for SmartPhones
Date: Tuesday, July 31 @ 17:35:42 UTC
TomTom today announced a new SmartPhone Holder for the car. It is not just a holder, but a complete Hands Free Car Kit. Coming in two formats, one for the iPhone and one for SmartPhones with micro USB power connectors, the holder is priced at 79.95.

Unlike the previous TomTom holder this one is now adjustable and will accommodate the iPhone with or without a case. Similarly for Android phones there is an adjustable gripper that can hold the device along the width or length as required. This makes it very flexible for a large number of devices.

The holder features a 2 watt speaker for both hands free calls and navigation (or other application) audio. It also allows the connection of 2 phones via Bluetooth and allows hands free dialling using voice recognition.

The Full TomTom press release follows:

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