Speeding Motorists Fined More Than 10 million in 5 Years
Date: Friday, July 20 @ 15:11:20 UTC

According to recent Greater Manchester speed cameras figures, almost 176,000 speeding motorists were caught in the area over the past five years, generating a collective bill of 10.5 million in fines.

The data was released by the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership in an attempt to highlight the areas which perform worst when it comes to road safety and speed awareness. This is part of a larger, nationwide initiative which saw Britain's worst roads named and shamed by government MPs.

One of the cameras responsible for catching a high volume of motorists (3,600) in the Greater Manchester area was actually introduced as the result of a campaign by local residents. The campaign was led by parents of a teenager who had been hit by a car at the site in 2004.

By far the most active camera in the region was that situated on the A62 Oldham Road, near the city centre. The camera captured an average of 51 motorists each week with more than 13,000 caught over the five year period.

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