Nav Devices Guide Blind Using New Smartphone Technology
Date: Wednesday, July 04 @ 17:27:16 UTC
Those with ailing sight could soon benefit from improved navigation thanks to new smartphone technology which has been developed by Fujitsu and Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

Real-time positioning data is generated by the system which uses ultra wide band (UWB) technology within a smartphone device to enable navigation within buildings.

This is a major development on existing GPS systems which are unable to transmit signals within walls, thus restricting their services to larger-scale external navigation.

According to reports, this newly developed system is capable of pinpointing locations with an accuracy of less than several tens of centimetres and uses radio-wave technology to measure distances. When implemented into devices, such as smartphones, this allows precise directions to be delivered to the user; navigating them around buildings with ease.

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