Reducing max speed to 60mph yields a 10% fuel saving
Date: Tuesday, July 03 @ 10:54:14 UTC
DriveGain is an iPhone app which provides audible and visual feedback on your driving style to help you save fuel.

Using GPS and acceleromter data the app scores your driving out of 100 and rates you on your driving smoothness and braking. The basic core functionality is free but you can unlock additional features for a small payment.

I've been using the app for a few weeks now and it's a useful driving aid. The audio feedback means you needn't be distracted by the display and it provides useful guidance and reminders on ways to improve your fuel consumption, planning ahead so you aren't braking at the last minute, using the optimal gear for your speed, avoiding unnecessary acceleration etc.

DriveGain claim you could save up to 170 a year in reduced fuel consumption by following the advice. The app also shows you how just backing off the accelerator a little can make a big difference. Reducing your maximum speed from 70 to 60mph gives you a 10% reduction in fuel usage and only lengthens your journey by an average 2mins.

Source: DriveGain

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