Researchers successfully hack US drone by spoofing GPS
Date: Sunday, July 01 @ 14:57:36 UTC
Researchers in the US have hacked into a drone and succeeded in taking control of it.

The researchers, from the University of Texas were able to demonstrate how they spoofed the GPS signals being used to direct the drone. US Department of Homeland Security officials were present to witness the hack attempt.

Iran claimed to have taken control of a US RQ-170 drone in 2011 and put the drone on display.

Although in this case the drone was utilising the unencrypted civilian GPS data signal, it demonstrates the security issues surrounding the increased use of drones for military surveillance and attack purposes. Whilst, technically, much more difficult to spoof the encrypted military GPS signal, it's not impossible and the risk of terrorists being able to take control of a heavily armed drone cannot be ignore.

Source: FOX News

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