SiRF's new Software chipset
Date: Friday, March 05 @ 22:31:50 UTC

SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of GPS semiconductor and software solutions, today debuted its SiRFSoft mobile GPS software, a new approach to multimode GPS signal processing for wireless handheld devices that is designed to deliver scalable, superior positioning performance without the need for a dedicated GPS baseband integrated circuit. Compatible with major cellular standards, SiRFSoft harnesses the processing power available in application processors to greatly reduce the footprint and cost of location-enabling mobile wireless devices.

Targeted at Intel XScale® Technology based and OMAPI compatible platforms, SiRFSoft uses flexible, high-performance GPS signal acquisition algorithms to deliver fast, coherent processing of weak GPS signals (up to -159 dBm) for robust operation, as well as fast acquisition (3-5 sec) of strong and medium-strength signals. Incorporating SiRF’s proven multimode location architecture, SiRFSoft automatically adapts to utilize whatever network assistance data available, including GSM (04.31), UMTS (25.331), CDMA (IS-801), ARIB W-CDMA and PDC, and is able to obtain fixes autonomously when no aiding is available. As a result, SiRFSoft is designed to achieve excellent location determination ─ affordably.

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