PocketGPSWorld donates a satnav to CVRT
Date: Saturday, April 07 @ 08:37:16 UTC

I read, with dismay, news of the theft from one of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team's vehicles recently.

The volunteers had been unloading their vehicles after returning from a training exercise when thieves struck, stealing a mobile phone and satnav.

Quite apart from the callousness of stealing from an organisation whose members volunteer their own time to rescue people, the team gets no Government funding and so would have to fund the replacements out of their own pocket.

I got in contact with the team to see if PocketGPSWorld could help. And I'm delighted to report that Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team will shortly be receiving a replacement Garmin satnav courtesy of PocketGPSWorld.com.

You can show your support for the team by joining their Support Group, full details can be found on their website at http://www.cvsrt.org.uk/.

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