Destinator 3 Upgrade
Date: Tuesday, March 02 @ 11:20:27 UTC

This hasn't been officially announced yet from PowerLOC, but there is a 1gb download available on the following website

You have to log in with your existing username/password for the Destinator1 community website but you will then be greeted with downloading the 1GB ISO (CD Image) or having it sent in the post.

**NOTE** As this hasn't officially been announced, I wouldn't take this as the full production release, it may have the correct version number on it, but until I receive the all go from PowerLOC I can't say for certain that this contains the complete production upgrade.

Upgrade includes:-
- Faster route recalculation
- Enhanced roundabout handling
- Improved ETA calculation
- Improved handling of routing to Outlook contacts in memory-constrained situations in conjunction with large maps

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