Councillor: Shooting Drivers Better Than Mobile SpeedCams
Date: Monday, February 27 @ 20:34:36 UTC
Cambridgeshire City Council, are considering the suggestion of speed cameras as a way to enforce the 20mph limits placed on a number of their roads.

These limits are sometimes considered the hardest to enforce, with many roads using traffic slowing measures such as bollards or speed bumps to slow drivers, whilst the sporadic use of temporary cameras helps to monitor the situation.

The Council's suggestion to implement more fixed cameras is designed to offer a more permanent solution to this and is perhaps unsurprising given their recent decision to introduce more reduced speed zones throughout the area.

Enforcing the limits using temporary, hand-held cameras would detract a large number of police officers from other duties, potentially having a harmful impact on other areas of the city's safety.

In a recent meeting, Councillor George Owers claimed the police had better things to do with their time and expressed his feelings that hand-held cameras only cause drivers to slow down for a short period of time and are, therefore, largely ineffective on a long-term basis.

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