Satnav blamed for more than 200m worth of damage
Date: Friday, February 17 @ 10:54:38 UTC
A poll of 2,000 drivers by claims that more than 200m worth of damage to vehicles and property has been caused by satnav errors in the previous year alone.

Regular readers will be familiar with the numerous tales of drivers turning onto railway tracks, driving into docks, attempting to descend mountains via goat tracks etc and whilst it's not difficult to believe that the resulting insurance claims could indeed amount to a tidy sum, what is in some doubt is whether the satnav is to blame.

Satnav is, and always will be, a driver aid. It is not an auto-pilot and if some drivers choose to leave their brains at home, fail to read road signs and ignore the painfully obvious then it's not the fault of the satnav. Blame lies firmly with the driver.

The forthcoming summit, to be held this march by Transport Minister Norman Baker, seeks to get mapping companies, highways authorities and councils to work together. For towns and villages, blighted by map errors which lead HGVs down narrow lanes, this may help, but it will do nothing to reduce the number of accidents and mishaps caused by those drivers devoid of common sense.

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