A-Z+ Cabbie's Mate Updated
Date: Thursday, February 09 @ 16:02:31 UTC

Knowledge Master, the company behind the A-Z+ 'Cabbie's Mate' satnav, have announced the release of new software for the device.

The satnav is targeted at licensed taxi drivers and London Cabbies were consulted during its design. The 5" screen, comprehensive London POI data, video and music player and Bluetooth hands-free support are just part of the specification. Being aimed at cabbies, it's all about the maps and their map bible of choice is of course, A-Z.

So it's no surprise to find that the latest version of the software features Geographers' A-Z maps as well as a United Kingdom navigation application. Both maps run simultaneously and the user can switch between them using a button. Also present in the feature list are safety cameras, Ordnance Survey POI database and full voice guidance.

For those training to become licenced London cabbies, there is an 'A to B' facility which draws a line between you start and destination addresses, a useful tool for route learning and planning.

It's a unique product, an all in one device perfect for taxi drivers. Navigation Master have demonstration videos and further details on their website at www.navigationmaster.com.

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