New Location Sharing Service - Glympse - And We Like It
Date: Wednesday, January 25 @ 11:02:28 UTC
There's nothing new about location tracking solutions and there are countless apps and services that you can use to share your location with family and friends. But none have stood out, until now.

Glympse is a relative newcomer but it's kicking up quite a storm with it's service. It allows you to share your location and provide live tracking which can be viewed on a computer or smartphone. You choose who gets to track you and for how long. You can send your location to a single person, a group and you can even share it on Facebook or Twitter.

A simple timer setting allows you to set how long the sharing is active for which solves the worry of forgetting to turn tracking off. Better still, if you're sharing a particular journey, you can set it to expire on your arrival. A nice feature.

But by far the best feature is the quality of the tracking itself. Delivered in real-time, progress is displayed via a Google Map overlay with fluid movement and additional data such as ETA and, optionally, speed.

When you send an invite, or 'glympse' as the app authors call them, the recipient gets an email with a link which takes them to the Glympse website with your live location.

It's a great service, works well, and has a myriad of uses. It's the best of it's kind that we've seen and it is all free.

The Glympse app is available, free of charge, for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. For more information see their website at

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