Google Caught Playing Dirty .... End Of Don't Be Evil?
Date: Tuesday, January 17 @ 12:48:03 UTC
Google have once again been caught playing dirty by eagle eyed admins. Last week, Mocality, a Kenyan business startup, noticed some off records in their logs and, after investigating, found that Google staff were scraping data. Mocality even seeded false data to ensnare Google and sure enough, Google were caught red handed.

Now Google have been caught red handed yet again, this time by our friends at OpenStreetmap. Clearly, their unofficial Motto, 'Don't Be Evil', has been dropped.

Investigation has revealed that users from Google owned IP addresses in India (the same IP addresses identified by Mocality) have been deleting, editing and otherwise vandalizing OpenStreetMap data including reversing one-way streets in London, New York and other locations.

OpenStreetMap are now analysing their log data but it's left everyone wondering if we're being far too trusting in allowing Google access to so much of our data, emails, contacts and addresses.

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