Can The iPad Be A Viable Navigation System?
Date: Thursday, July 28 @ 18:36:25 UTC
Can the iPad be a viable navigation device? To find out I travelled thousands of miles using the iPad and one of the latest Brodit holders in a variety of rental cars. The experience was interesting, and I found that given the correct location in the car the iPad was a superb replacement for the traditional PND style navigation system!

For the last couple of months I have been in the United States. One of the things I was testing out was navigation using the iPad. This was partly in response to a challenge from a household SatNav company telling me that the iPad was no good for navigation. From this you can surmise that they do not produce an iPad App.

The two prerequisites for using the iPad as a SatNav are: navigation software; and a mounting solution.

The mounting solution I was looking at needed to be portable as I was going to be using it in different rental cars. The other thing I needed to look for was some form of powering of the iPad. I was going to be driving for some long distances and couldn't rely on the iPad's battery to last when stressed out with Navigation, Audio, and the normal email etc all running.

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