The Need for Speed: Call For SpeedCams to Catch Slow Drivers
Date: Sunday, July 24 @ 14:35:39 UTC
Following this week's headline in the Daily Mail, do you believe that slow drivers "are among most dangerous on roads"?

The Mail reports a survey of 2000 car drivers, carried out on behalf of insurer, claiming that almost half of the UKs motorists attempt unsafe overtaking when stuck behind a very slow vehicle. A third claim they've had an incident or near miss as a result.

Additionally, 60 percent of motorists "experience an increase in stress levels and a heightened irritability when faced with a vehicle driving slower than the rest of the traffic" and "45 percent risk overtaking, thus increasing the chances of an accident."

Though perhaps more surprisingly, 50 percent of those surveyed support the idea of introducing "slow speed cameras". The cameras would target slow motorists driving slower than the minimum designated speed limit.

The Institute of Advanced of Motorists agree that there's a problem, commenting "All forms of inconsiderate driving need to be tackled. Drivers who are unnecessarily excessively slow lead others to make rash moves."

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