Apple Navigation - New Traffic Option Appears In Latest Betas
Date: Tuesday, July 12 @ 09:03:21 UTC
Following on from our story a few weeks back discussing possible moves by Apple into the Navigation arena, (see here), more evidence has appeared in the latest Beta.

iOS5 is scheduled for release later this year and as part of the preparation and testing program, developers are being provided with Beta releases. The latest Beta, IOS5 Beta 3, was released last night and an interesting new menu item has appeared under 'Location Services'.

This area is where iPhone and iPad users can control access by apps to GPS and other location data services. But a new page has appeared titled 'System Services. and amongst a number of new controls there is now a 'Traffic' button that allows you to turn ON/OFF this feature.

The detail of what this actually controls is, as yet, unknown and so we can only speculate. Perhaps Apple are planning to crowd source traffic data in a similar way to TomTom's HD Traffic service?

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