LightSquared- Possible Solution To Interference?
Date: Wednesday, June 22 @ 10:17:14 UTC
LightSquared, the US company building a wireless broadband network, claims it has a solution to solve the problem of interference to the GPS network.

LightSquared aims to roll out a nationwide US wireless broadband network but its plans call for use of a part of the radio spectrum in close proximity to that in use by GPS transmitters and receivers.

The weak signals from GPS satellites were at risk of interference and the proposals have caused uproar in the US with calls for the FCC to act.

Now LightSquared are proposing to use a different block of the radio spectrum with greater separation from that used by GPS. This, they claim, will reduce the risk of interference although they admit it is not a complete solution.

The full LightSquared Press Release can be viewed here. Background information on the risk of interference to GPS and the concerns of users, visit the Coalition to Save Our GPS web site at

For the purposes of full disclosure, is a member of the 'SaveOurGPS' Coalition.

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