TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger Reviewed
Date: Thursday, June 09 @ 16:02:46 UTC
Power has always been an issue for me in the car. This is becoming more of a problem with the advent of MP3 players, iPad and iPhone, not to mention portable DVD players to keep the passengers quiet. This is often compounded by having just a single power outlet in a car requiring switching of plugs to keep things topped up on long journeys. Even worse is the differing power requirements the the iPad has!!!

TomTom have solved these issues somewhat with the TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger. This compact accessory is just a little larger than the TomTom power supplies for the iPhone cradle. The Multi-Charger has a pass-through accessory socket and 2 USB sockets on it. One USB socket provides a non-standard 1.2 amp power USB connector (standard is 500 mA), whilst the other provides a thumping 2.1 amps (or 10 Watts) required for the iPad.

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