French Motorists Mobilize To Fight SpeedCam Warning Ban
Date: Thursday, May 19 @ 09:38:41 UTC
The announcement last week of new French legislation that will ban speed camera warning devices has been met with anger by motorists.

French Government proposals will outlaw the sale and use of speed camera warning devices. Using a warning device will cost a driver 1,500 in fines with six penalty points whilst selling a device would result in a 30,000 fine and the possibility of two years in prison.

The Government also announced that warning signs would be removed as part of their response to a 13% increase in road fatalities in Q1 of 2011.

A Facebook page, set up by the Association Interprofessionnelle de l'AFFTAC, a group of warning device manufacturers, has received 128,000 followers in three days and even the normally vocal road safety campaigners have sided with motorists and called for a re-think on the plans due to come into effect in September 2011.

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