Inline Skater Triggers Speed Camera
Date: Saturday, May 07 @ 12:16:07 UTC
28 year old Sam Tuffnell says he believes that he reached a speed of 40mph during his fourth attempt to make a speed camera flash on a downhill stretch of road in Hastings, East Sussex.

His friends, who were filming him at the time, posted the evidence on YouTube where it's fast becoming viral with over 100,000 views already recorded.

The timely event of a fire engine speeding along the road and triggering the speed camera was captured by the friends at the beginning of the video. This confirmed the camera was operational before the attempt started.

Whilst said not to be illegal, many have criticized Sam for his dangerous stunt. All attempts were made in the dark, he wore no lights or safety gear and his first two attempts were made whilst dressed in black.

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